Gaming Log 1 Revisited – Super Mario Bros.

So I got around to playing this yesterday and it was pretty fun and easy. After trying to beat the clock on 7-4 (wrong) I went on GameFAQs to check and you had to complete it in a certain sequence (I bet you had to cheat to when you played it back in the day). The Princess is never in the castle. Before and after 7-4 was a breeze except for that last stage that I finished with 5 seconds left. After I finished the game I played again and they just replaced the Goombas with those stupid black things that don’t die unless you hit it with a shell. But Mario is a pretty fun game and it’s pretty good since it came free with your NES and is pretty fun for a quick game. It’s not hard except for like the 2 maze stages that might catch some of you guys off guard because it’s not very straightforward.

But it was fun. I enjoyed it. Turns out the 2 player mode is basically the same thing except you take turns with Mario and Luigi. I think it’s the same so Luigi doesn’t have that stupid jump. I understand how people can see how Super Mario Bros. 3 is a better game (I played Super Mario Advance 2) with the Cape and Yoshi and more levels but considering how this game was made eons ago it was a pretty fun game. Megaman was a lot harder.


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