November 9, 2008

I hope this blog gains some attention throughout the gaming world. Right now I’m a 15 year old armed with a DS, a PS3 and a Wii but I’m bored with the library of games that those 3 systems have currently (And I can’t afford all those PS3 games). so with the power of the internets, I’m going to play through some of the best video games that most people my age have never heard of.

Here are some guidelines that I have already set for this blog.

I’ll try and play games in a chronological order (by generation)

I’m going to start out with NES/SMS games

If there is a remake of the game that doesn’t take too much away from the actual gameplay or improves it a little, I will play the remake (if I can). Examples are the original Final Fantasy vs the remakes. The remake is a lot more playable so I played that. I may go and play the original NES version but i doubt it since I already beat it on the GBA.