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Gaming Log 3 – Donkey Kong is fun

November 11, 2008

The first games to feature Mario and Donkey Kong… Of course Mario was called Jumpman back then. Both of these games feature 3 levels and I can swear I’ve played flash games similar to these in the past. After you beat the 3 levels it just kinda restarts then you play it over and over so I stopped. But it was a pretty fun and enjoyable game. If there were more levels I’d probably still be playing this (especially Donkey Kong Jr.)

This game isn’t an official NES game. It was originally released for like those arcade consoles which isn’t too surprising because it doesn’t have much depth.

A bit about what happens… In Donkey Kong, you (Jumpman/Mario) have to go rescue the Princess from Donkey Kong. The first level you climb up ladders and jump over barrels until you get to the top. In the 2nd level it is kinda similar but there are like elevators and stuff. The 3rd level took me a little longer to figure out as I kept trying to jump onto the platform with the Princess for about a minute, but what you do is like step on all the gold blocks so that Donkey Kong falls down.

I liked Donkey Kong Jr. a lot more… What you do is jump on some ropes/vines and you swing across them so you can get to the very top. The second level is kinda similar and the third one is where you try and push keys up into the locks to free the ropes to Donkey Kong’s cage. The swinging across rope/vine to rope/vine is pretty fun.

But yea, 2 very enjoyable games… Again. But then I’m basically playing all of the good titles so I can’t really say any games suck.