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Gaming Log 3 – Donkey Kong is fun

November 11, 2008

The first games to feature Mario and Donkey Kong… Of course Mario was called Jumpman back then. Both of these games feature 3 levels and I can swear I’ve played flash games similar to these in the past. After you beat the 3 levels it just kinda restarts then you play it over and over so I stopped. But it was a pretty fun and enjoyable game. If there were more levels I’d probably still be playing this (especially Donkey Kong Jr.)

This game isn’t an official NES game. It was originally released for like those arcade consoles which isn’t too surprising because it doesn’t have much depth.

A bit about what happens… In Donkey Kong, you (Jumpman/Mario) have to go rescue the Princess from Donkey Kong. The first level you climb up ladders and jump over barrels until you get to the top. In the 2nd level it is kinda similar but there are like elevators and stuff. The 3rd level took me a little longer to figure out as I kept trying to jump onto the platform with the Princess for about a minute, but what you do is like step on all the gold blocks so that Donkey Kong falls down.

I liked Donkey Kong Jr. a lot more… What you do is jump on some ropes/vines and you swing across them so you can get to the very top. The second level is kinda similar and the third one is where you try and push keys up into the locks to free the ropes to Donkey Kong’s cage. The swinging across rope/vine to rope/vine is pretty fun.

But yea, 2 very enjoyable games… Again. But then I’m basically playing all of the good titles so I can’t really say any games suck.


Gaming Log 1 Revisited – Super Mario Bros.

November 10, 2008

So I got around to playing this yesterday and it was pretty fun and easy. After trying to beat the clock on 7-4 (wrong) I went on GameFAQs to check and you had to complete it in a certain sequence (I bet you had to cheat to when you played it back in the day). The Princess is never in the castle. Before and after 7-4 was a breeze except for that last stage that I finished with 5 seconds left. After I finished the game I played again and they just replaced the Goombas with those stupid black things that don’t die unless you hit it with a shell. But Mario is a pretty fun game and it’s pretty good since it came free with your NES and is pretty fun for a quick game. It’s not hard except for like the 2 maze stages that might catch some of you guys off guard because it’s not very straightforward.

But it was fun. I enjoyed it. Turns out the 2 player mode is basically the same thing except you take turns with Mario and Luigi. I think it’s the same so Luigi doesn’t have that stupid jump. I understand how people can see how Super Mario Bros. 3 is a better game (I played Super Mario Advance 2) with the Cape and Yoshi and more levels but considering how this game was made eons ago it was a pretty fun game. Megaman was a lot harder.

Gaming Log 1 – The first game on the first console that really mattered.

November 9, 2008

Since I will be doing most of my gaming on my DS (I’m looking forward to getting a PSP since it boasts PSOne + N64 emulation) I might be lacking some in game screen shots… Which kinda sucks since you guys won’t be able to see my certain moments of gaming. Oh well. 😦

Anyway… I don’t think there’s a save feature for this game… o_o

Oh well I guess I’ll be playing this game with an emulator so I can use save states.

First log=fail

First batch of NES Games

November 9, 2008

I’ll be playing more games, but I’ll start with these 3 first. Super Mario Bros was the game that started it all… for the NES. Yea there were like some Mario games before it but this is like the first real Mario adventure type of thing.

I’m also going to start with playing Megaman. I’ve tried playing Megaman before but I found it extremely hard… 2 reasons… I was even younger than I was now and playing these games that are more action packed on a keyboard is pretty different from the way it was designed to be played.

3rd game is the first Dragon Warrior. First game in the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series… I’ll be playing the GBC remake of this game and I’ve actually started already. This was one of the first RPGs and it was made before Final Fantasy. From what I’ve played so far there are its similarities.

So here it is. I’ll be moving on to other games and I am very welcome to your recommendations. Obvious titles that I will play are the Legend of Zelda[s], The sequels to the games that I am playing, and maybe some Contra and Metal Gear. I understand there are a lot of underrated titles so yea I am open to suggestions. I’m also looking at trying out some Sega Mega Drive but when I try too many games at once I will never be able to complete any.