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Gaming Log 2 – I beat Megaman 1!

November 10, 2008

After a lot of shameful rewinding on my nesDS, I finally beat the game that started it all… Megaman. I was really frustrated near the end against Dr. Wily so I checked some strategy guide to see how they beat him and they used the select thing so it would inflict more damage. I did that. Cause I’m lame. And then I finished the game. That was one of the harder more challenging games I’ve played. Megaman is way harder than Mario. No. Not that way.

It’s too bad that my camera was out of battery to take the last bit where it says FIGHT, MEGAMAN! FOR EVERLASTING PEACE! But I did get the bit where I got to choose the Dr. Wily stage.But I have to admit, that was pretty damn fun. The early boss battles were super easy after you get the correct weapon but that final stage was a bit challenging. The Cyclops/Yellow thing is like crazy you have to dodge the bricks and stuff.

But an excellent game overall even though it is 8 bit.



First batch of NES Games

November 9, 2008

I’ll be playing more games, but I’ll start with these 3 first. Super Mario Bros was the game that started it all… for the NES. Yea there were like some Mario games before it but this is like the first real Mario adventure type of thing.

I’m also going to start with playing Megaman. I’ve tried playing Megaman before but I found it extremely hard… 2 reasons… I was even younger than I was now and playing these games that are more action packed on a keyboard is pretty different from the way it was designed to be played.

3rd game is the first Dragon Warrior. First game in the Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest series… I’ll be playing the GBC remake of this game and I’ve actually started already. This was one of the first RPGs and it was made before Final Fantasy. From what I’ve played so far there are its similarities.

So here it is. I’ll be moving on to other games and I am very welcome to your recommendations. Obvious titles that I will play are the Legend of Zelda[s], The sequels to the games that I am playing, and maybe some Contra and Metal Gear. I understand there are a lot of underrated titles so yea I am open to suggestions. I’m also looking at trying out some Sega Mega Drive but when I try too many games at once I will never be able to complete any.